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Mecenat x Stronger

Fashion And Function With Gym Clothes For Women

Fashion and function - who says you can't have both worlds in looking for the best gym outfits? You don't have to sacrifice either of the two because our activewear is made from quality materials and top designs that are comfortable, exciting and diverse. Strong women don't have to worry about wet spots, blisters, or heat-trapping because our gym tops and bottoms help achieve pitch-perfect performance. Choose from our range of tops from seamless crop tops, sports bras and t-shirts. Our collection is diverse in bottoms for we have high waist leggings, seamless leggings, and bike shorts, among others. We know having the right gym wear makes all the difference in your workout - and post-workout. Our line is all about versatility, so you can wear them even after a workout session when you grab a bite or a cup of coffee. We offer a wide range of loungewear for cosy days at home.

Strong Women's Gym Wear

STRONGER is all about sustainability and affordability. Our designs are seamless and playful. From bold prints to neutral colours, our collection has never been more exciting. Plus, most of our bottoms even have a smart back pocket where you can keep your keys or cards without the need for a bag. You're not only getting technicality without sacrificing style, but you're giving back to the planet. Our women's gym wear and gym accessories are made from recycled materials to be eco-friendly. On top of that, for every sportswear purchased from us, we donate a portion of our sales to help the forests in Panama. The bottom line, our collection is eco-friendly, comfortable, and stylish, making you move more while being socially responsible.